work submission

April 6 - May 11
Opening reception April 6
5:00pm - 7:00pm

em aguilar
Amina Cruz
Mylee Etuale
Xandra Ibarra
Gabe Medina
Izzy Rimando
Vanessa Vilaboa-Patiño
Jynx Prado
Birdie Rojo

Seen is an invitation to consider queerness in all its expressions. The works in the exhibition bear witness to the intricacies and wide spectrum of queer identities and way of embodying queer bodies. From quiet and introspective works, to both explicit and intimate manners of seeing one another, the works and artists in this exhibition celebrate queer community and kinship.

brings together works by current and recently graduated CSUDH students and established artists from Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

Seen was co-curated by CSUDH graduating students Birdie Rojo and Gabe Medina and professor Jimena Sarno.