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April 11 2024 - May 16 2024
Opening April 11
5:00pm - 7:00pm

Mosab Abu Toha
Lena Abujbara
Gene Aguilar
Grisabel Alfaro
Flowing Darias Collective
Natalie Gutiérrez
Katie Mejía
Maritza Santiago

Landscape features textile sculpture, video, poetry, photography, painting, installation and monoprints considering the aesthetic, political and ecological implications of framing Earth’s view “at one time from one place.”


November 16 2023 - January 30 2024
Opening November 16
5:00pm - 7:00pm

Elizabeth Afaro
Basma al-Sharif
Colectivo Los Ingrávidos
Crystal Falk
Emely Flores
Amber Gálvez
Vivian Gonzalez
Bre Holmes
Mark Silva
Michelle Valencia

Now, as you awaken, remember the swan's
last dance. Did you dance with young angels
while you were dreaming? Did the butterfly
light you up when it burned with the eternal
light of the rose?Did the phoenix appear clearly
before you and call you by your name?
Did you see the morning dawn from the fingers
of the one you love? Did you touch
the dream with your hand or did you
leave it to dream alone, aware suddenly
of your own absence? Dreamers don't abandon
their dreams, they flare and continue
the life they have in the dream…tell me
how you lived your dream in a certain place
and I'll tell you who you are. And now,
as you awaken, remember if you have wronged
your dream. And if you have, then remember
the last dance of the swan.

Mahmoud Darwish, poet (1941-2008)

April 6 - May 11
Opening reception April 6
5:00pm - 7:00pm

em aguilar
Amina Cruz
Mylee Etuale
Xandra Ibarra
Gabe Medina
Izzy Rimando
Vanessa Vilaboa-Patiño
Jynx Prado
Birdie Rojo

Seen is an invitation to consider queerness in all its expressions. The works in the exhibition bear witness to the intricacies and wide spectrum of queer identities and way of embodying queer bodies. From quiet and introspective works, to both explicit and intimate manners of seeing one another, the works and artists in this exhibition celebrate queer community and kinship.

brings together works by current and recently graduated CSUDH students and established artists from Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

Seen was co-curated by CSUDH graduating students Birdie Rojo and Gabe Medina and professor Jimena Sarno.

February 16 2023 - March 23 2023
Opening reception February 16 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Dicky Bahto + Sara Davachi
Bonded by Felt Collective
Aimee Goguen
Valnuool Gurmu
Dulce Soledad Ibarra
Zara Kuredjian

Office Hours second exhibition brings together works on paper, video, sculpture and textiles that are materially or conceptually conceived through multiplicity, accumulation, layering, obsession or repetitive labor. Insistent features works by current CSUDH students and emerging and mid-career artists from Los Angeles and the Bay Area.


December 1 2022 - January 27 2023
Opening reception December 1 5:30pm - 7;00pm

Carmen Amengual
Edmund Arevalo
Valeria Arreola Lara
Cayden Butler Tanner
Jennifer Dang
Dante Desagun
Ann Pickard
Milagros Solis
Gabby Valdez
Shelly Velazquez
Patricia Yossen

The works in this exhibition invite viewers to consider all living beings’ capacity to experience sensations and emotions. Using ceramics, textiles, painting, sculpture and video, the artists’ work reflect on both our desire for connection and reciprocity, and our impulse to anthropomorphize creatures and objects. This inaugural exhibition brings together works by current CSUDH students and recent graduates with emerging and mid-career artists in Los Angeles.